Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 11

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 11



GILES mourns his lost kiss. If he doesn’t take decisive action soon then he’ll lose his opportunity with OCTAVIA. He devises a strategy.. but it’s all gibberish.

GILES’ INNER CHILD suggests he adopts the standard ploy of the emotionally illiterate – i.e. buy her a gift. OCTAVIA is worried. Will GILES buy her a suitable gift? She consults Television’s UNCLE LEW.

CMDR VERMONT thinks the aliens are at the TV studio, and sends in his soldiers to seek and destroy…


SOPHIE mourns the loss of both ANTONY and her poltergeist. GILES tells her to get a new boyfriend. Is he coming on to her? No. But SOPHIE’s adamant he is.

Handyman DON promotes School Safety Week, and his ineptness at the job has results strikingly similar to SOPHIE’s Poltergeist.

GILES learns that JOSH has beaten him to the gift-buying ploy. Fortunately OCTAVIA is not particularly impressed by the balls of Nantucket. GILES realises that next time he mightn’t be so lucky – he has to think of a gift for her, and fast.


DORSEY has failed his mission. He’s in the depths of despair. He can see only one way out of his despair – he must pay for his failure with his life.

GILES decides to trust his own judgement and find OCTAVIA a gift. SOPHIE thinks he’s buying a gift for her. DON helps and GILES is forced to buy a broken teddy.

DORSEY is ready to leave this world, when he spots a familiar-looking Crocodile. He takes his new friend to the nearest bar. DOROTHY, the barmaid, is concerned at the Science Teacher’s behaviour. She reports him to VIOLET, who sends him to DR LEGGZ.

GILES decides to tell OCTAVIA his true feelings for her. But DOROTHY turns up with the gift. OCTAVIA loves the teddy! She’s about to confess her true feelings for GILES, when Q warns her off. She must finish it with GILES or her father is ruined. She tells GILES she’s in love with another. GILES is heartbroken.

SOPHIE thinks that her poltergeist has returned and that it’s telling her to move on to GILES!!