Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 10

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 10



Both GILES and OCTAVIA obsess about their near kiss at the end of Ep 9.

BEANIE’s feelings for JET are blooming but he is speechless.

ANTONIA is unlucky in love and sings that to the world.

SABRINA organises a Date-JOSH competition through her column on the website. JOSH wants OCTAVIA to sign an entry form so that she’ll win. But SABRINA’s small print renders everyone’s entry bar hers as invalid. To protect his love from falling into JOSH’s arms GILES sides with SABRINA’s ruling. SABRINA wins the competition.

GILES gives BEANIE a few tips on using romantic flashbacks.


SABRINA furtively returns to her trailer home, and her life of squalor.

GILES’ INNER CHILD counsels him about OCTAVIA – GILES should stop being a wuss. And too many flashbacks could alter his grip on reality. GILES gets real and his INNER CHILD disappears. So why are their soldiers in his bedroom? GILES is freaked.

BEANIE seeks advice about love. GRAMPA shows him a documentary on bower birds. BEANIE is inspired.

LEW SIFFER draws up a prenup contract for SABRINA’s marry-JOSH scheme. She’s currently involved in a catalogue scam with VIOLET. SABRINA wants a way out of her life of squalor via rich JOSH, whilst VIOLET gains a protégé and a cut of the profits.

GILES tells JET that BEANIE is in love with her. JET is wowed.

At the restaurant, DOROTHY, CMDR VERMONT and OCTAVIA share a celebration meal. DOROTHY and CMDR VERMONT realise they have something in common – but what?

SABRINA and JOSH have their big date. SABRINA tries to get JOSH to sign the contract but things keep getting in the way. Time is running out.

DORSEY gets tanked at the bar, and VITA dines with a blow-up version of COACH SHANE.

GILES infiltrates the restaurant trying to get a message to OCTAVIA, but is foiled by an AGENCY WAITER.

BEANIE makes a bower bird nest on JET’s desk.

SABRINA is left alone, in her underwear, while JOSH makes a rapid exit to a Silver Lining Emergency. GILES sympathises with SABRINA. They’ve both been abandoned – their dreams shattered.

GILES’s misery is amplified by the twittering love-birds, JET and BEANIE.