Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 1

Atlantis High – Plot Synopsis – Episode 1



GILES & his Mom, DOROTHY are moving to the coast. Sunset Cove turns out to be depressingly perfect (despite the A.W.O.L. radiation bomb), but GILES is soon captivated when he sees the girl in purple.

He starts his new school, and is saved from a CHARITY COLLECTOR by SOPHIE (& her poltergeist). As he visits the Principal’s office, a suspicious character gravitates towards his unaccompanied bag. GILES is put up a couple of grades, and while VITA (VIOLET’s secretary) informs him of the fundamental school rule, VIOLET (The Principal) has a plastic-surgery crisis.

GILES’ entrance wakes MR DORSEY’s science class. They’re even more annoyed when SOPHIE arrives with her poltergeist and a mouse which escapes… into GILES’ bag. During the commotion, he spots MR DORSEY swallowing a tail. While GILES gets zapped… SOPHIE discovers a fluffy pink G-string in his bag. Though he pleads innocence, GILES has broken the fundamental school rule. He’s immediately ostracised. Just when things can’t get any worse, they do.


DOROTHY’s new job is at the school canteen. And GILES meets JET, a food additive addict. Only after he’s introduced her to fresh food, and she’s gone to rip the scab off reality, does he learn of her allergies. JOSH’ll hold GILES personally responsible for the consequences.


GILES finds a secret passage leading to the Girls’ changing rooms. There he spies a bag identical to his own, and the girl without the purple dress. He also discovers BEANIE drawing shower-heads. BEANIE swears GILES to secrecy. In return he gives GILES an address (to source the mystery underwear and clear GILES’ good name). As GILES stakes out the address, he hears JET’s stolen the detonator for the missing bomb.

He convinces the CHARITY COLLECTOR (who lives at the house) to help him when a masked superhero, wearing pink G-string, threatens to haul the collector in for an out of date license. GILES discovers that the masked hero is… JOSH!! He threatens to expose JOSH as a wearer of a pink leotard unless the unmasked hero helps find JET.

GILES follows the fruit peel, and finds the bomb’s been detonated. JET demands pentasodium triphosphate, and only then will she hand over the detonator. OCTAVIA appears; an exchange is made – but where is the key to the detonator? GILES & OCTAVIA find the key in a crate of underwear. A mystery is solved. GILES is happy (OCTAVIA kisses him), and VIOLET is pleased to find her imported lingerie. The one school rule is cancelled. MR DORSEY reports back to base – it’s time for phase two.